Futsal Standings

Scoring Points

  • Regulation win = 3 game points
  • Tie Match with Score (i.e 1-1) = 2 game points
  • Scoreless Tie Match ( i.e. 0-0 ) = 1 game point
  • Regulation loss = 0 game points

Tie breakers

  • Bonus points will be added or subtracted based on a + goal differential. The differential will be the difference between the goals scored and goals allowed by each team in regulation play with the maximum differential points allowed for a single match being +4. The + difference will be summed. The team with the highest number of differential points will be seeded in the higher position.
  • If two or more teams have the same number of differential points, the team that has allowed the fewest goals will be seeded in the higher position.
  • Current Standings


    Middle School

    High School Girls

    High School Boys