Futsal Standings

Scoring Points

  • Regulation win = 3 game points
  • Tie Match with Score (i.e 1-1) = 2 game points
  • Scoreless Tie Match ( i.e. 0-0 ) = 1 game point
  • Regulation loss = 0 game points

Tie breakers

    • Bonus points will be added or subtracted based on a ± goal differential. The differential will be the difference between the goals scored and goals allowed by each team in regulation play with the maximum differential points allowed for a single match being ±4. The ± difference will be summed. The team with the highest number of differential points will be seeded in the higher position.
    • If two or more teams have the same number of differential points, the team that has allowed the fewest goals will be seeded in the higher position.

Current Standings

 Middle School

High School Boys